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Welcome to Three Feather Healing

A sacred space for you to align with inner guidance and

embrace your soul’s creative expression.

I am Denise.  I believe that no matter what is happening in our life, we are being guided.  My own life has been about learning to listen and embrace this guidance.  It still is.   It is an unfolding journey of surrendering, trusting and co-creating with this power.  

Learning to trust this guidance opens us to a deep inner connection with ourself and the spirit of life.  We remember that we are never alone.  It is a journey that has transformed my life and has allows me to support others on this path.

Three Feather Healing is a sacred space created for you to receive the messages of your divine guidance.   Through Intuitive Depth Coaching, Energy Healing and Mentoring you will experience deep levels of healing, awakening and creative empowerment as you align with your authentic spirit and your soul’s desire for expression. 

In our work together you will:
  •       identify blocks, old patterns and beliefs.
  •       learn how to release, heal and transform energy
  •       embrace your intuition and soul’s gifts.
  •       open to your inner guidance.
  •       embody your wisdom
  •       integrate and manifest your goals
I am honored to be a guide for you on this unfolding journey!  
  • photo-sessions
    Intuitive Coaching 

    Supportive sessions for healing and creative life empowerment.

  • photo-courses

    Community classes and online courses that open you to your guidance.

  • photo-sprays
    Healing Products

    Clear, protect, and align your spiritual energy system and align with your essence.

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I’m Denise — spiritual healer, shamanic practitioner and intuitive counselor. More about me…