He took me in so well with his smooth talking that I accepted.

Well, Ami, you were right.

Aaron opened his briefcase and pulled out a couple of documents.

I'm here to take you home.

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The people thought that he was a distinguished scientist.

Juan has found something interesting.

The net weight is three kilograms.

I should've been more careful.

I'm no longer afraid of snakes.

Was that a smart move?

Richard has already killed three people.

This is how it stands.

Stop hitting Edward.


Stan didn't tell Carlo he had been married before.

Sanjeev is really angry.

The steamer wound in and out among the islands.


Floria has a kid, I think.

Do you still think it won't happen?

Whence came you?


He has been elected to Congress.

I'm feeling off colour today.

A literal boatload of new computers were recalled for inefficient power use.

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Barton found me a good place to live.

Do really expect me to help you?

I can't teach you anything else.


I love my Tamagotchi.

Are any seats still available?

I'll never forget the time we've spent together.


This is a term used to describe the warming of the earth, due to growing amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.


He has some income in addition to his salary.

I don't know whether I have time or not.

Lorraine waited as Manuel unlocked the door.


We're not good enough.

The tree is green all year round.

Nicolas is in his office.

We took advantage of the fine weather to play tennis.

Did you believe them?

Fritz got another letter from Francis today.

If I'm late, I'll be scolded.


Dan operated some of the most massive cranes in the world.

He is a prophetic figure.

Neville is not looking happy.

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What would you like me to do now?

At that time in the courts of the feudal lords there were many scholars who engaged in discrimination, such as the followers of Xun Kuang, who wrote books that were disseminated throughout the whole world.

There's a day left.

This is ice.

Paul doesn't play the piano nowadays.

But it smells strange.

Climate change could cause the loss of 85% of coral reefs.

We should so act that we shall have nothing to regret.

He barely leaves the house.


Do you think I look like Amanda?


Speaking of Syd, I haven't seen her for a long time.


What makes the earth spin?

You have nothing better to do than spend hours lying on a sofa talking to a shrink?

Pleasure is always in the past or in the future, never in the present.


The trouble with finding love later in life is that the person you fall in love with often comes with emotional baggage.

The rocket ought to have reached the moon by now.

I don't think that we should leave Susan here by himself.

We are living in the atomic age.

He brought the world to its senses.

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We hate secrets.

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The mayor denied having taken a bribe.

Can you do this without any help?

I need to talk to her first.

To the devil with you!

When I went to look, I found the boy fast asleep.

Who wants to drive me to Ambar?

Opportunity makes a thief.

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I've come to save her.

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I'm extremely frustrated.

Svante needs some elbow room.

Forty miles is a good distance.

A toast to your 20th Anniversary!

You should look into it.

Our teacher dwelt on the importance of punctuality.

What's the matter? You look pale.

I don't know exactly when he will arrive.

We went to a firework festival.

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The doctor recommends that he take the pills with food.

Alison wasn't discouraged.

Joni tried to cut the delicious-looking meat with a dull knife.

Bribes are something that arises in conjunction with power organizations.

I agree with you that the actor is very talented.

Catherine stayed indoors because it was raining.

This flower makes the room!

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Eileen is a really interesting guy.

You can't agree with everyone about everything.

If you win the lotto, what will you do with the money?

I don't think that there's enough room in the canoe for all three of us.

I wanted to tell you first.

What is this nonsense?

Unfortunately, it would be too difficult to find support for this.

Life is too short to seek perfection in material things.

When did Sergei get to Boston?

Stay on the path.

You can't let him stay here.


Our ownership in the company is 60%.

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"Did you know that the neighbor's daughter is already married?" "You don't say! She's only eighteen!"


I plan to do the same thing you do.

A shampoo and a set, please.

You can accomplish this.

I don't know why I keep doing that.

Are you writing a letter?

Sorry, could you repeat your name?

I'm interested in helping them.


He keeps to the letter of the law.

Manavendra's fall resulted in life-threatening injuries.

Although people like to focus on the differences, I think that on the whole it's the same.

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This whole affair stinks to high heaven.

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Dan spent his last day at work listening to techno music.

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Yes, I am crying.

Everybody knows I hate him.

Everyone is talking about me.

He didn't really go to the church.

She kept the dining room warm in the winter.

Only thirty people showed up for Ofer's recital.

The future of man is the woman.

He became a hobo.

Did Kolkka find what he was looking for?

I'd explain it to you, but your brain would explode.

The shirt is large for me.


I am very fond of lobsters, but they are very, very expensive.

I observed him stop.

What are you doing in there?

I took it for granted that Tiefenthal could speak French.

I saw Ron smile.

I don't speak to him.

Would that my father had lived longer.

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We'll be there as soon as we can.

I just want to look at it, that's all.

Dan lied about his whereabouts.

It seems a waste of time to wait any longer.

We're so glad you could come.

I know Sho would love to see you.

He did not speak at all.

I wasn't going to do that.

Charlie sat silently.

Hillel was very impressed.

He explained to Olivier why he was late for her birthday party.

Keep a close eye on Siegurd and make sure he doesn't get into any trouble.

It was sultry last night.

My children don't have their own rooms.

Let's take a rest in the shade.

Today's your lucky day.

We're investigating a series of murders.

Susan tried to never think of Robin.

I'm going to visit him.


He enthusiastically engaged himself into this honorable undertaking

English is pretty hard, isn't it?

We'll be together.

I don't know much about painting, but I can tell that this brush has an excellent stroke feel to it.

Look at what she's wearing!

The plans aren't set in stone and can be changed if absolutely necessary.

I know that German with a long beard.

I'm proud to think that I have never yet been late to school.

He lost the game.

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Don't you think you should be a little more careful?

Is it really that important to you?

I'm not sure how things are going with you, but I'm feeling pretty good today.

This is perfectly conceivable.

Discipline is rather mild at this school.


Just how tiresome was it to argue straight against the phrase "Don't blindly follow America's lead!"

I have a lot of credit cards.

I met Mr Smith on the street by accident.


Would you like to live in Mumbai?