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Can I have some soda, please?

What do you say to seeing a doctor?

You owe me one.

Miki is a nice guy.

She has been with me through the ebb and flow of my fortunes.

Yes, I said that murder is a sin, but I never said that sins are wrong.

I give up.

This class consists of 15 boys and 28 girls.

You're not even looking at me.

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That's why I was there.

Tao didn't have much money.

Here's where it gets tricky.


I'm tone-deaf.

There is not enough milk.

We'll catch up with you later.

Come out here. I need help.

Many kinds of flowers always come out in his garden.

That's a pretty sad-looking capital city.

Claudia once worked as a tourist guide.

That should be kept between us.

I fell asleep while I was driving.

I haven't told anyone anything.

This is very mysterious.

Evil sometimes wins.

I'm supposed to see him.

Knowledge without common sense will lead you nowhere.

She recognized him immediately.

I highly recommend it.

I don't drink all that much beer.

Sanity has been hospitalized.

Thanks for not saying "I told you so."

I'm very hungry; where can I find something to eat?

She was aware of his eyes.

If "internationalization" means putting every little thing into English, then I think "internationalization" is a load of shit.

Many are those that judge, few are those that understand you.


I think Rafael is going to want to see this.

She broke off her engagement in a fit of anger.

Theo got stung by a bee.

I'm afraid I was right.

I don't care if I live or die.


Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun.

As a matter of fact, I love him very much.

She wears a woolen sweater.


Some boys are swimming in the sea.


He has become the manager of the business.

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The teacher pointed out the grammatical errors made by the students.

Ima drove to the supermarket.

Who's driving?


You should ask Diana about that.


A bunch of niggers passed your mother round for a two day's crust of bread.

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Just like you want it to.


There is no use waiting for her any longer.


Can I have one?

Yes, there are two important reasons.

Republicans were defeated in many states.

You've got my keys.

Theory and practice do not always go together.


Look at how happy Helen and Caroline are.


I know you and Valerie are friends.


This is the biggest fish that I have ever caught.

"That's an unusual hobby she's got, the transfer student." "She's cute so it's fine with me."

He thinks of nothing but making money.

The stork was flying above the city.

Brush your teeth after each meal.


That boy isn't as mischievous as we thought he would be.


It's possible he will spend more time in Hainan.

I didn't come here for a drink.

Ted didn't thank Rudolf sufficiently.

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Kolkka is pretty ugly, isn't he?


Both he and I are members of that club.

I can't hear very well.

The hurricane continued to rage.

He was to have arrived before noon.

What floor is it?

Kanthan thinks Himawan will divorce her husband.

He didn't allow me to pay the bill for the dinner.

It won't be easy persuading Frederick to go.

This wood won't burn.

I know that he set them all against me.

If I had to define life in a word, it would be: Life is creation.

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Sundaresan hid the house key under a rock in the garden.

You will soon accustom yourself to the new life.

It was pitch-dark outside tonight.

Dion wants his mother properly cared for.

It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.

Life would be empty without Dimetry.

I can't for the life of me remember her address.

Old Mr Smith is saving as much money as he can.

This cloth will not turn color.


Your theory doesn't hold water.

Don't forget to invite Sanjay to the party.

Major never gets invited to parties.

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I'm really into football.

The carriage of bicycles is permitted.

You're the only one who can solve this problem.


Victoria is sloshed.


The door remaining locked up from inside, he could not enter the house.

It just doesn't count.

That which does not succeed by force succeeds by excessive force.

The first Muslims of Trinidad and Tobago came from Africa.

I'll talk to them alone.

Niels wasn't really happy.

I bought this for us.


I saw a man holding a rabbit in his arms yesterday.


You have to make up your minds.

I was just talking about them.

Who speaks your language better, men or women?

Asian markets finished mixed.

I'm hardly ever home.

Astronauts use tethers to keep tools from floating away. They tether their tools to their spacesuits.

The tide is on the ebb.

Vishal has no real reason to do that.

I saw to it.

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I have been busy today.

My telephone doesn't work.

He has much practical experience as a doctor.


But that's absurd.


You gossip to my mother about me.


His explanation was quite above me.

Butler won't go along with that.

Konrad fled to Canada.


She went to the bus stop, and the bus took off.

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Did you see them last night?

The statement imported that changes were necessary.

We're not so different, you and I.

This is a disaster.

This is my best work to date.

The company president was indicted for paying kickbacks.

Ben grabbed his backpack and left.

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Audrey smiled at Robert affectionately.

Your opinions are right in a way.

I don't like telling you the truth.

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You must take what God gives you and make the most of it.


Tal hit me in the head with my laptop. Now it's cracked!

Calm down a little, Kissho, your bumpkin nature is standing out!

I wish you a long and happy married life.


She didn't try to evade the truth.


Ken put everything in a box.

You should have seen it.

She is much afraid of dogs.

I don't know how he received the news, but he certainly wasn't happy about it.

That's because he doesn't know.

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I shudder to think of it.

I expected you to be here for lunch.

Whom are you speaking of?

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I realized it only then.


It is lonely to live alone.

I wanted Gunter to take some aspirin, but he said he didn't think it would help.

We don't sell generics in this pharmacy.

Ernie said to Scott that it was very pleasant to hear her voice.

I still can't speak French.

Leila died in a fire.

Hank is lying on the couch.


I'll meet Matthieu downstairs.


Give my regards to your family.

It was noisy.

I bent over to pick up the pen.