I hope I can see you soon.

I love learning.

She's not bad.

I don't need any more credits.

I have a lot of confidence in you.

It's a really complicated job.

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The lovers drowned themselves in the lake and were reunited forever in death.

I think you lied to me.

That's why I quit.

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Hamilton has been upset.

Van persuaded Casey to go to the party.

Three climbers were killed in a rock fall.

I was somehow so awake that I couldn't sleep.

He always remained poor.

Monolingualism is like a disease as it leads to ethnocentrism and culture isolation. But this disease can be cured.

John tried in vain to solve the problem.

I only had three options.

I wish to exercise my right to remain silent.

The taxi drew up to me.

I should've been the one to tell Trent about what happened to Sri.

Bear with me.

He has been in deep water since he got fired from his job.

I feel different after I've been in Stanislaw's house, like a portion of my mind that was previously busy finding ways for me to enjoy myself when I didn't have to be working is now fully focused on thinking about stoats all day long, and indeed I find that much more efficient, for stoats entertain me now every moment without fail.

Show me your true face.


Courtney never thought Miriamne would actually graduate from college.

We will now report on this year's business results.

I am pleased at your success.

I'm just a family friend.

Metin uses cannabis for medical reasons.


We used the following procedures in this experiment.


I dirtied one.


Where is your report card?

Can you put some suntan lotion on my back?

Byron didn't agree to help.

I speak Esperanto.

Harry was the one who suggested that we do this.


I hope that the weather will be dry.

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What Giles needs is guidance.

I will not be able to pick up Shigemi at the kindergarten.

She is excellent in composition.

I swallowed my pride.

I have an idea how we can do this more efficiently.

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They communicate the distance and direction of the food by dancing.


I guess that works.


I'm going to name the baby Vidhyanath.

She bandaged the wound.

I don't need anything from you to be happy.

I know her sister.

Everybody knows I hate you.

I've seen her naked before.

When challenged to pronounce "shibboleth", Christopher Columbus did it in such a perfect way, that he was instantly recognized as the new leader of the natives' army.

Why would I do all that?

We were prison wardens for ten years.

The children were absorbed in their game.

May I ask you to call me back later?

We're sharing the cost.

Kathryn and I have taken a lot of trips together.

I have a lot of trouble doing that.

I still prefer doing this the old way.

I never wanted to do that.

I can't take it any longer.

Lanny's shoes don't fit him very well.

He cried, "Look out."

It looks like you've lost some weight.

Let's hope that never happens again.

I have a dog trained as a seeing eye dog.

I want you to keep an eye on things.

Christopher doesn't go to his office on Saturday.

Lin made a film about his childhood.

Where is the United Airlines check-in counter?

He ran on and on, until he was completely exhausted.

Dinner isn't ready yet.

I'm here to help people.


Casper convinced Earle not to marry John.

That's not accurate.

Meehan had a job interview this morning.

These desks are too small for us.

There's a difference between silly and stupid.

We were caught in a snowstorm.

The fire was soon extinguished.

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Marguerite trusts me.

I don't think Jimmy wants to be my friend anymore.

Which wine goes best with red meat?

I'm running behind schedule.

Is using fingers uncivilized?

Gerald couldn't bring himself to break it off with Courtney.

Rodent tried a coat on.

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What do you think of this work?

Your only remedy is to go to the law.

A "renovator's dream" in real estate parlance generally means that the place is a real dump.


I saw a little boy running.

I thought about that all day today.

That woman knows who I am and loves me anyway.

Hiroyuki knew that he'd be busy on Monday.

Did that make her mad?


Don't do it if you care for your reputation.


He does know the fact.

Ask freely.

I fear that she won't want me to go on holidays in July.


They don't look happy to see us.

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What ideas do you have?

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He's intimidated by beautiful women.

We all returned home.

So if you're feeling thirsty, it's probably a good idea to drink some water.

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He's gone bankrupt due to gambling debts.

All you need is to get a driver's license.

That girl is far from being shy.


Wade pulled up in his car.


They were weak.


We might not have a choice.

I like watching TV.

I did nothing wrong.

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I'm pointing the finger at his mistake.

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He only knew German.

How many kidneys does a human have?

Keep your mouth shut.


I've been married too long.

I didn't see it coming.

I am a cook.

We are trying to keep the wolf from the door.

I told him I wouldn't do it.

Who wrote these messages?

It was due a week ago, namely on April second.


A woman is taking down some notes on a pad of paper.

The ground quaked violently.

What an idea!

Santa Claus' sleigh is pulled by flying reindeer.

I don't work well under pressure.

Oscar worked day and night for weeks to meet the deadline.

It's what we expected.

The location isn't the problem.

Natraj isn't unhappy.

You can blame me.

There are still people who are illiterate.

She's very pretty.

When I woke up, she was gone.


They escaped from prison.

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I don't know which to choose.

Did you ever meet Margot?

Did you guys hook up?

Do you like writing?

How's the cold?

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In the principles of love, quick disappointments are usually described as remedies.

Don't forget to put the cap back on the soda bottle so it doesn't go flat.

This is for everyone who has received a notice from them.

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I tried to open the door, but I couldn't since it was locked.

She acted without thinking.

I felt like my life was over.

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I'll remember this incident for good.

Though my uncle is homeless, I don't think he is a degenerate.

Christina did it in his own way.

I want to leave these packages for a while.

I'll quit my job at the end of the month.

There are some things we want you to see.

There's really nothing to worry about.

I'll be right behind you.

Sergeant has already eaten lunch.


Monica does much better than Doyle does at school.

There is no hurry; you have five days to think the matter over.

Lord lives in a fantasy world.

Don't you care what happens to Hans?

No verb in this sentence.

Tehran is a very beautiful town.

He couldn't take it any longer.

I know very well who you are.

I won't follow you.