I don't love her anymore.

Herb and I stayed at the same hotel.

They weren't able to discover any secrets.

I thought Ray and Vinod were married.

Who cares what Syun says?

All the trainees share the burden of toil.


Gravity is the only thing keeping me here.

I used to live near a park.

Was Gilles faster than Louiqa?

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She cannot stop her.

This catterpillar will turn into a beautiful butterfly.

We don't lie.


Avery lit the fuse.

To wax and wane.

Tell Mahmoud to meet us there at 2:30.

Betsy's the laziest of her schoolmates.

Teaching English is his profession.


I told Kenton we could do it today.

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10 percent strategy and 90 percent communication yields 100 percent team success.


The old man gave me a useful piece of advice.

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The man puffed smoke into her face.


I should've gone with you.

The confidence man and his blonde call girl make a perfect match in enraging his landlady.

There's blood on your hands.

I know who you are.

What's harder than for a single mother to work 2 jobs and raise 5 kids?

Do get up, it's very late.

I can understand him perfectly.

It didn't make any sense.

The price isn't important.

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From that conclusion the family could be divided into two groups.

Are you still dizzy?

Tad borrowed three hundred dollars three months ago.

She's a cat lover.

Some areas are already experiencing climate-related disruptions, particularly due to extreme weather events.

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He is taller than his little brother.


Didn't I warn you about him?


Get away from Amir.

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Evelyn stepped out for a minute.

Follow him.

Lorenzo knows how to fix things.


Pilar doesn't really love me.


I've had it up to here with you guys.

Dirk stared at his reflection in the window.

I don't feel comfortable with it.

Pleased, he smiled.

She loves him and me.

I feel like a hamster on a wheel.

Nanda was impatient to see Ritchey again.

Someone may have to go help Edith.

Have patience with a friend rather than lose him forever.

The price was absurdly high.

Do you want to go with us?

Happy the one who desires no more!

Don't do such a thing in fun.

Roderick thought he had outsmarted everybody.

It's snowing in Boston.

It's not safe to walk the streets after dark.

She leaned towards me.

I was forced to make a bow.

Where is the store?

Some people try to gain advantage by exploiting their personal contacts.

This could be my big break.


Make yourself useful.

The whole experiment was recorded on film.

Would you please boil my eggs for 2 minutes?

The sun is rising now.

Did you hear that Fred has been shown the door?

Sofoklis dashed out into the street.

They're trying to make their car more environmentally friendly.

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If I had ten eyes, I could read five books at the same time.


She had already said goodbye shortly before.

Corey takes care of his sick father.

You won't give that to Roberto, will you?

This is a nice camera.

I'd like to find out where our meeting will be.

They have got to abide by the rules.

I'd heard you'd moved to Boston.

Cows eat grass.

The change of air worked wonders for her.

You can stay till tonight.

Clean that up.

A gentleman is a man of independent means.

What's there to be afraid of?

I had a long talk with her.

She sells books.

There are standard behaviors.

I can't find my umbrella anywhere.

I could tell at a glance that something was wrong.

Sharon was relieved that the jury in Earl's trial brought in a verdict of acquittal on all charges.

It didn't get that bad.

I think that's a big deal.


He loves coffee.


He became famous thanks to his mother.

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He was sent abroad as a correspondent.

What's the golden rule?

Carlos told me this was just temporary.


We are learning Arabic.

I intend to stay there for a week.

These days it's hard to tell the difference between political parties.


Barrio is going to take me with him.

He's a humourless person.

I want to stay and watch.

Valerie seems to be unwilling to believe that Kusum was the one who stole his credit cards.

Do you want to know how I feel?

The dog barked softly.

I cut up all but one of my credit cards.


Anatole is being very selfish.

Can you drive a car?

She attributed her success to luck.

The hour-long concert at the Kennedy Center was broadcast live on TV last night.

Do you think you're going to be able to stop me?

Giovanni had no right to do that.

Do you really want to know the truth?

I look forward to my Mondays.

As far as I'm concerned, I will not approve of the plan.

Part added his name to the list of people who wanted to attend the dance.

I couldn't walk anymore.


I know it was a stupid thing to do.

I can make no promises.

I should've known I'd never see it again.

Lyndon doesn't blame Robbin for getting angry.

Does Nguyen know anything?

I've got something you've got to see.

No one knows whether his love for his sister was sexual or brotherly.

You just watch.

Thanks for coming. It means a lot to me.

They jostled one another to get out of an emergency exit.

Donne was lost.

She pledged herself never to do it again.

You can be dismissed for dishonesty.

How did you like Linda's concert?

Tran wore a V-neck T-shirt.

Incoming mail can be sorted by name, date, or title.

Have Rudolph join me when he's available.

Come visit us soon.

We urged Lowell to study harder.


The dog knew its master.

In England spring really begins with the first of May.

I must be going deaf.

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Kenton lost his pencil.

Have you told your parents about us?

It doesn't work!

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One morning, a gorgeous girl wandered by.

Don't worry. I'll be fine.

I want to play chess with Spudboy.


get ready for school

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If you have a problem with any of this, I need to know now.


I just wish Sabrina could be here.

Where did you get these delicious apples?

It is easy to find a nice woman but difficult to keep her nice.

You can use my car today.

She knew better than to smoke a cigarette in his presence.

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It's not nice to talk like that.

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Come in please!


From whom did you learn that?

Reiner is an investigative reporter.

You should be proud of me.


Tell me what you're talking about.


I realize I don't actually really need a sailboat.

I love Harvard.

If defective in structure, they are perfect in function.

It is marvelous that he should have done such a thing.

I'd say it's gonna rain tomorrow.