We have to buy water from Malaysia.

I'm intrigued by your challenge.


I was feeling OK then.


I had little choice.


Is there a dress code?


I don't want Wendi to think he has to help me.

We must not lose hope.

I'm going to hit the shower.

How long have you been at this?

He looked miserable.

Don't you laugh at me!

He gave him a lump of silver as big as his head.

The scent of lilacs is pervading the garden.

I dreamed about you last night.

I'm very glad to hear the news.

Get out of my room! Get out now!


I don't see any damage.

Stanley is the only one here who doesn't understand French.

They want you.


Tell me what's wrong with Renu.


If Sam had woken up earlier, he wouldn't have missed the bus.

One large fries and two medium cokes.

The cats are relaxing in the sun.

Can you speak another language?

He can't speak much English.

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Alexander wrote sentences in the Berber language.

I can wait a few hours.

I learned that when I was in kindergarten.

The cute girl was bitten by a zombie dog and became zombie.

Do you have some dango?

"What were you like in high school?" "I was quiet but really good at chemistry."

We have a lot of sympathies in common.


I can't hear you properly, please speak more slowly.

Am I the only one who thinks this is not right?

I've hit the lottery.

The rich have trouble as well as the poor.

Do you think he is leading a double life?


Miyuki has a camera, but she doesn't like it.

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I'll tell Saul when he gets here.


When do we start?

Suddenly, I heard someone singing near by.

It was wise for you not to follow his advice.


Fred is a real nerd.

Ann can't find a job.

It's an amazing opportunity.

Justin avoided listening to sad and sentimental love songs after he and Jeanne had split up.

It is a long pencil.

Her daughter is a nurse.

We'll have to make do with what we have.

I thought you wanted to come with us.

Kenji plays tennis.

I tried everything to keep him alive.

Is there anything you need to do today?

You must make up for lost time.

Mr. Bergerac, I'm your cousin.


We can't all be like you.

The power rests with Kemal.

The professional skier liked to "hot-dog" down the mountain.

This car must go.

Morton tried to calm Bert down.

I'll call you first thing in the morning.

There is a painting on the wall.

This house is famous.

Marlena disgusts me.

Air quality has deteriorated these past few years.

I had to wait for a ride.

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Are your friends Portuguese or Brazilian?

Where is my food?

What can I say about him?

It's not going very well.

Dan didn't even apologize to Linda.

Howard's mother is a nurse at the hospital that's across the street from where Ritalynne lives.

Such was his surprise that he could not say a word for some time.

Akiko has several friends in France.

Recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.


Nelken left at midnight.

The air was infected with photochemical smog.

I think I have a pretty good idea what Mick might be doing right now.


She can't bear the noise.


I should've left him a note.


I think I know what's wrong.

It's hard to tell whether Carole dyes his hair or not.

Apparently, everyone was happy.

The elder gods are waking up.

The holiday did me the world of good.

If this is coffee, bring me tea; but if this is tea, bring me coffee.

Carpenters cut wood.


She kissed her mother good night.

He left home early in the morning so as not to miss his train.

We've been together for a very long time.

You can ski and go to the beach in the same day.

Sabrina helped Sanche get in the car.


If you had to go live on a deserted island and could only take one book with you, which one would you choose?

Marika doesn't trust me anymore.

Connie may have gone already.

Did you recognize them?

Rayan ran to catch the last train.

I don't consider that appropriate.

I met him three years ago.


Latin is the language of the future!

I heard a cry for help.

We must avoid war at all cost.

"Don't you have anything more interesting to do than translate stupid sentences on Tatoeba," she asked him.

Stand up when you talk to me.


We only have secondhand information of the coup.


What about having fish for dinner?

Vilhelm introduced Renu to his parents.

You know exactly what I mean!

I made her angry.

What is the worth of a jar full of pennies?

Can you keep an eye on him?

He has lunch.

I'll make all the arrangements.

Marie's funeral was three days ago.


Christmas Gingerbread / honey cake is a traditional dessert of Germany

He comes home at ten.

I've seen it all.

Lynnette crossed the street.

We should probably not tell Lowell yet about the accident.

An earthquake can take place at any time.

This system has obvious defects.


Stanislaw didn't know that Craig was interested in classical music.

Dwight is still trying to mend fences.

Are you newbies?


Stuart has a lot more money than I have.

The amount of money the government earns in taxes determines the amount of money it can spend on welfare.

Don't make faces.

Jef put his hand on Nadeem's shoulder.

He's a lone wolf.

It's not my day.

The pair of them is coming.

He's used to speaking in public.

I am like her.

Earl shot himself in the head last night.

Kolkka promised to let me know how things turned out.

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His bravery is worth respecting.

You're out of your depth here.

Humor me.

What Norma needs is guidance.

A child could not have understood the situation.

What does Spass really think?

Lar didn't seem to recognize Meeks.


There's one thing you need to know about Vick.

Dimetry sat down and told me directly: "I'm gay."

Jan played the piano for three hours without taking a break.

I know who to call when I need help.

It's fun to learn a foreign language.

Can you read it?

The enemy troops closed in on the city.

He suggested that I write to her at once.

Aren't you coming inside?

The club has thirty members.

I easily found Mr. Harrington because I had seen him before.

How will you be paying for that?

She likes to talk about herself.

Nathaniel got some pie.

Raanan was unlucky to be in the bank when the holdup took place.

Do you remember how it all began?

I don't like to post photos on Facebook.

Did you say I'd never win?

Briggs used to come to work in a Ford.

Tor won't hurt you.

Whereas Spain has the Royal Spanish Academy, the United States has Urban Dictionary.

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There was a new coat of paint on the door.

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Now beat it.

This is nice.

Antony walks quickly.

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Very tall people can often be ungainly.