He took a notebook out.

Mushrooms are not for rent and the gingerbread house is not to let at the moment.

Thou shalt defend the Church.

Where were you three nights ago?

I think we could be good friends.

You absolutely rock.

May I open the windows?

I'm on the pill.

Japan's national budget for a new fiscal year is normally compiled in December.

Thunderstorms are scary.

If you are a good girl, you shall have candy.

How many dresses like that does Andrew have?

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I have to go.


I'll try to stay on your good side, lest I get cut in two by that acerbic tongue of yours.

Dan didn't even wonder why Linda crossed the street.

Lana got into the car and drove away.


The date of the examination clashed with my sister's wedding.


Because it's a developing country, some aspects of China aren't as good as those in Western countries.

Nigel told me that he enjoyed the movie.

What do you think they want to do?

Raphael has news about Alison.

I just want out of here.

I think this was intended for you.

I was very surprised at the huge fish.


Do you have a picture of us?

The ship cut her way through the waves.

Even with a generous estimate, there were at most only 2,000 people.

This is our only chance.

The plaque has to be removed.


Why in the world did you do that?

Take wisdom from the mouths of crazy people.

Put that down, please.

Izchak hasn't said a word all evening.

The island is nearly a mile across.


Why doesn't he have anything to say?


She married a successful dermatologist.

It is the role of a student to study.

I ate the apple.


This new singer is really great.

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We're all back safe and sound.


Sidney is crouched on the floor, writhing in pain.


That car has a roof rack.

A serious form of flu prevails throughout the country.

He's been waiting here for a long time.


A car in itself is neither good nor bad; it depends on the driver.

Put on your cap.

To defend the city, they built an elaborate system of tunnels of their own.

A nice boy talked to Kate.

We feel for your loss.

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Art is looking a little agitated.

She was clever enough not to be deceived by him.

This animal is very clever.

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She gave me a strange look.

The conductor of this orchestra is a fine musician.

Bacteria are microscopic organisms.

One of the biggest problems guys have talking to girls is running out of things to say.

I miss the good old days.

The Tanakas invited me to dine with them.

The boys scampered in all directions at the sight of their teacher.

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I'm sure Clifford will be impressed.

I'll get in first.

What I'd really like is something cold to drink.


I immediately started crying.


Luc isn't happy about this.


We'll see them later.


Everything that could go wrong went wrong.

You didn't read the contract carefully, did you?

Julianto deleted all the files off his thumb drive.

Could you please file the invoices under each client's name?

Laurel is working on the problem.

I feel a little woozy.

Why does everyone think that old people smell like prunes?

I deserve happiness.

We should leave him alone.

They drink coke.

I need to finish mowing the lawn.


Deb isn't delusional.


It's a clear day.


If you go on at that rate, you will surely fail.


I need the exact address so that I may go there.

What he did drove me mad.

I will say something about it.

The country's economy has developed making use of its rich national resources.

Dick likes making paper airplanes.

I've never felt stronger.

Down came the rain in torrents.

He can speak English much more fluently than I can.

Ned and Vistlik have a very complicated relationship.

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We must do something to help.

Knudsen leaned toward Jerry and whispered something.

Who'd you invite?

I am seeing Siegurd this afternoon.

Jitendra hated it.


It might be a while until Murat gets here.


We woke up very early in order to see the sunrise.


I told you not to talk about the matter in her presence.

Roman told us that we could buy a ticket at the door.

When did you last hear from Jingbai?


He helped me do my homework.

You're safe if I'm with you.

She fidgeted, looking noticeably contrite.

I got what she was saying.

We were undefeated.


He really cares for his parents.


I am fine, and you?

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You're just so superficial and shallow.

She was ill with heart disease.

Harris is going to need to borrow your suitcase.

Could you change these for me, please?

You haven't got a chance.


A painter paints his pictures on canvas. But musicians paint their pictures on silence. We provide the music, and you provide the silence.

Most birds can see only by day.

He swept her off her feet.


Don't bother Dimitry.


You should vote.

What's the minimum salary in Greece?

Keith has even more books than I do.

He's a shamus.

I didn't only give him advice, but a bicycle as well.

I like to go to the movies to see foreign films.

How did you get this picture?

People took pity on the orphan.

To look at him, you couldn't help laughing.

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I used to ride my bike to school, but now I take the bus.

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Compare your answers with the teacher's.

Let's get together tomorrow.

It didn't come up.

That's the friend I gave the key to.

I crossed the road after looking both ways.

As Tareq raced down the field, the crowd shouted, "Go, Eddie! Go!"

Squid ink is edible whereas ballpen ink is not.


We must respect other people's privacy.


He couldn't find the house.

Maybe you were wrong.

You can't get anything done today.

Yesterday, I ran into my teacher at the amusement park.

Izchak claims to be a Canadian.

I worked in my office yesterday.

Siegurd fell in love in Germany.


He stood for freedom of speech for everyone regardless of color.

You're right about that.

I can't believe that he's gone now.

I've seen it with my own eyes.

Tell Neil I won't be there.


I think we're next.


Ken appears a friendly person.

Dan wasn't familiar with weapons.

It's a miracle that he survived the hurricane.

We shouldn't lose hope.

Every object tells a story.


I'm expecting my baby in the middle of January.

Why are you leaving so soon?

Hurf isn't a member of our club.


Even after I get a job, I think I'll still want to continue some form of music.

Yesterday was very humid and hot.

Please come in one by one.