You could've told me. I would've understood.

A little pot is soon hot.

Are there any religions that don't permit organ donation?

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How many people are on your staff?

I was happy that she took my side.

We should call Pratap and see if he needs any help.

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Many people attended the meeting.


We all need to live life to the fullest.

I can't play that song without a capo.

Maybe Becky was hiding something.

I'm going to make a tour of Kyushu this summer.

People who desire power make bad leaders.

I'm taking off now.

I don't remember where you live.

I can't believe you still trust Jason.

I'd like a daiquiri.

The employer imposed a heavy task on them.

There was a lot of tension between Kory and Marsh.

I was trapped.

At one time it was thought impracticable for man to fly.


There is some truth in that.

We had no unexpected incidents during our trip.

That's going to take more time than we have.

How many of you are going?

In Hawaii you can swim in the sea all year.

We should be talking to Saify.

There is an urgent need for shelter.


Karl told me this was just temporary.

He did the best he could.

It's almost impossible to tell what someone else is thinking.

Let me know when you find out what it is.

How can one live without pork?

They're just evil.

He likes singing.


I liked your hair before you got straight bangs.

Lawrence is a total phony.

I cared for the rabbits when I was at school.


We have prescribed him some fast-acting antibiotics.

I don't feel too good.

Do you think that any really smart person is inherently interested in languages?

That's how we do it in French.

I believe things will get better.

He put his affairs in order.

Are you sure this is the place?

I need news of my family.

Why are you so interested in who Timo went with?

You could help me.

Why don't we go to see a film?

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Thanks for your opinion.

The price that the famous pay for their celebrity is a lack of privacy.

I'm very displeased with your whole attitude.

Be thankful.

I hope we'll see her again.

It's on your desk.

It's a personal matter.

How did you get this?

Luckily nobody was hurt in the accident.

He seemed like some sort of prince from a fairy tale.

I'll make sure you get them.

He seemed disappointed with the results.

I'm glad your cold is better.

I can't remember the last time I spoke to Rajeev.

You make a nice couple.

He ordered three dinners.

Can I get you a coffee or anything?

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Why would Geoffrey want to go do something like that?

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I just wanted to remind you to call Debbie.

Poor crops may cause famine.

My friend lives outside the city.


In 1609, Galileo heard about the invention of the spyglass, a device which made distant objects appear closer. Galileo used his mathematical knowledge and technical skills to improve upon the spyglass and build a telescope.


He is good at reading.

Did Danielle ask you about that?

Do you have renaissance paintings?

There appears to have been a mistake.

Don't touch my spaghetti bridge! The glue is still hardening.


I don't intend to answer any questions.


Who's responsible for this problem?

The trouble with him is that he is not punctual.

What kind of software does Henry usually use?

She didn't want to do it.

He just loves to bully people.


Take the garbage out.

Did they find anything odd or suspicious?

Johnny is always busy.

He was in deep grief at the death of his wife.

Please write your name with a pencil.

No sooner has one typhoon passed than the next one approaches.

No pleasure is greater than that of reading.

We may not be able to stop you.

Izchak had no problem with that.

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The idea formed in his mind.

I ordered pizza on the internet.

His hair is so long it reaches the floor.

I'm going to take a walk with Jesus.

The gold coin was much more valuable than was supposed.

What does your family name mean?

Just don't tell anyone, OK?

I just thought this might be helpful.

This is the dictionary I use every day.

I guess I'll be going now.

We must be careful to drink only pure water.

It's excellent.

He put me in a good mood.

What am I supposed to be looking for?

Unless you stop fighting, I'll call the police.

I'm not waiting for anyone.

You raise Arabian horses, don't you?

Sabrina didn't tell Christie anything.

I beg you to help us.

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I need you to tell me where to go.


Hsi unbuckled his seat belt and got out of the car.

There are many beautiful castles in northern Germany.

My dog chased a lizard and snapped its tail off.

The experiment failed in the initial stages.

You're poisoning me.

If three workers dig two ditches in four days, how many days will it take six workers to dig four ditches?

May I interrupt you?

Honey, I know the budget is tight, but do you think we could splurge a bit and have a night out at a fancy restaurant this weekend?

In this world, there are people who take advantage of legal loopholes to do things that are almost illegal.


What do you study English for?


I want some milk.

Dan spent the night having sex with Linda.

He earned his living as a teacher.

Oh, Tae, this cheese is a winner!

I feel listless and have a throbbing headache.


We regret that you have to leave.


Whose side are you on?

Evelyn got out his pen.

It took me several hours to iron all your shirts.

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We'll have to shovel the snow off the roof.


You're watching AnnoZero, eh?

If you have any questions, please let me know.

We'll look at that.

Svante is financially independent.

This is an old Canadian custom.

I thought Alberto wasn't allowed to eat candy.

Ravindran didn't want to go swimming with Donne.

The less you know, the better, OK?

They organized a traditional bread fair.

Part would've given up.

Could you just stand up, please?

I have always liked the mountains.

Cole gave up trying to persuade Ralph to babysit his kids.

I just want to do the right thing.

The rock was moved by dynamite.

I can get it.

He grumbled about the way they treated him.

I'm sorry, I can't do this.

It's not what I was looking for.

Nguyen always causes trouble.

There isn't anybody here.

It's such a nice day. Why don't you take me for a drive?

That's nonsense. Nobody but a fool would believe it.

Did you arrest him?

How much is a ticket to Segovia?

She had her baby drink some milk.

The three people gave three different accounts of the accident.

Human nature can't possibly be so despicable as to be based on the loathsome attitude that is neutrality.

I always watch the Tatoeba channel.

Sonny could hear a commotion in front of his house, so he went outside to see what was happening.

You'll recognize Janice.

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Be careful not to confuse sympathy for empathy.

I have a request, though: Don't make the same mistakes that I did!

Someone called Mr Dell is waiting for you in your office, Mrs Stevens.

I haven't read the report.

A variety of people gathered at the meeting.

You handled the situation well.

Will you tell me how to sing this song?

You guys better get moving.

Maria is a very polite and simple girl.

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I believed that he was a doctor.

Isidore should be with family.

I'd like to have a girl the first time. Look, they say 'First a girl, then a boy' don't they?