This looks familiar.

Pria is going to lose his job if he keeps showing up late for work.

I'll be there in a sec.

Very tall people can often be ungainly.

Where is the Australian embassy?

You only have to make your decision.

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Can you help me on this one?

This car looks like mine.

Now that's right.

Jin is jumping rope.

I have been to London.

She wrapped her arms around his neck.

We've got more money than they do.

Ti looked anxiously at Malaclypse.

I have no excuse.

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How I would love a pizza with real mozzarella cheese right now.

I know what people think of me.

Has anyone of you been to Hawaii?


Bill tried hard, but failed.

Old people don't pay for bus tickets.

These meetings are infinite and fruitless.

I don't know why Randell did it.

"My metabolism is such that no matter how much I eat I don't put on weight." "Just now, this second, you've made enemies of people throughout the world."

I live next to Ramiro.

I count the sparkle of constellations to foretell the future of my love.

"That's what grandmas are for." "No, grandmas are for pwning noobs."

She thinks she can prove it.


It is said that the taste of love is bitter.

The house has been sold.

And the angel said unto them, Fear not: for, behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy, which shall be to all people. For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger. And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God, and saying, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.


They're all strong.

We'll be ready in time.

Are you frightened, Takayuki?

Is Seth well enough to work today?

Do I need to wear a tie?

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He darkens the room.


From start to finish, there was nothing wrong with his behavior.

Do you want me to look into that matter?

She was tricked into doing it.

I eat using a utensil.

Matthias was in obvious pain.

I just did what she asked me to do.

Nicolo will come back home when he gets hungry.

I still need to talk to him.

What difference does it make if people are looking at us?

Chris ate some spicy Indian food.

Barry is home on leave.

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Sometimes it is important to take a decision quickly.

They became inseparable after that party.

I can't wait to meet you all.

Is there anything you need to tell me?

I think you've been brainwashed.

Do you swim very fast, too?

If all goes to plan, I should be back home again tomorrow night.


He said he was going to take a risk.

He walked slowly so the child could follow.

The car crashed because the driver was careless.


Who is that woman holding the flowers?

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What are you doing up this late?


The issue is proceeding at a snail's pace.

Your speech is not at all understandable to me.

Did you pay the rent this month?

I saw my friends yesterday.

What has estranged him from his sister?


Within minutes after the take-off, the airplane was in trouble.

It cost me one thousand yen to get the bicycle fixed.

I said: "I'm not interested."


You don't need to give me a call.

Darryl was a sickly child and was mollycoddled by his parents.

Take your time over it.

Talk to them again.

I have a lot of friends who are native speakers, so I've had a lot of experience speaking with native speakers.

I can't imagine loving anybody that much.

Big brother, you've got a bad fever?! Never mind the bags, rest in the shade of those trees!


Many people believe that our country's politicians are corrupt.

His enjoyment of the game was marred by the unruly behaviour of some of the other spectators.

It's only collateral damage.

Now it's getting better!

Alberto seems to be hyperventilating.

In this way, we waste a lot of time.

Who would do that?

Have your soup without making noise.

It's also a popular destination for couples.

Life without a credit card is hard.

Why not have dinner with us?

She flung her coat on the chair and stormed into the room.

Don't talk to your mother like that!

You know Americans are jealous of the British accent that they deem more prestigious.

Malaclypse is a native of Boston.

The computer was so outdated that it was good for nothing.

He came several times.

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The sun is the universal medicine of the pharmacy of the heavens.

Let's study French.

Where did you hit them?

Continue digging.

That's not a knife. THIS is a knife.

The doctor examined the patients.

London was bombed several times.


Ramesh is quite drunk now.


I need to do it now.

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Why don't you tell me what you think?


During my early teens, I was not always on the best of terms with my parents.


I got Hein some water.

Get into your car.

He looked away when he saw me as if we were strangers.

If you weren't exposed to a language until you were an adult, you are very, very unlikely to ever sound like a native speaker of that language.

At school he was always at the top of his class.


Don't catch a cold.

A new tunnel has been dug through the mountain.

Does that price include tax?

If we don't thoroughly examine the cause of bullying, bullying will probably never go away.

If you believe society hasn't made anything worthwhile, then you might believe also in mass destruction.


He carried a bag full of apples.

The Toronto International Film Festival is the largest film festival in North America.

I don't want to live forever.

What a memory you have.

I'd like to get another coffee mug.

I have never been to England.

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the contest.

The friend who I thought would pass the exam failed it.

With whom did you talk?

He seems happy.

They were speaking in a Southern dialect.

The police took some pictures of the scene of the accident.

How do you know something isn't true?

You shouldn't go into somebody's home uninvited.

I'm angry.

I stole one.

The music has been mastered so loud for that album, that even non-audiophiles have complained about it.

Cyrus slid open the door.

I wish you didn't do that.

You are so lazy!

John is at the airport.

I thought List would want to meet my family.

I'm sure Carole had a good reason.


Leora was quite upset.

Nothing is as useful as a photocopier.

Jay is indignant.

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He can play tennis very well.


What made you mad?

Are you really going to Boston next weekend?

I exacerbated the problem.

My mother is always complaining about me.

Dani had dinner with his grandfather.


His revenue doubled after retirement.

He sawed off the branch he was sitting on.

Poets often compare death to sleep.

The price does not include the case.

I'm going to work now.

I'm not Jewish, but my father is.

Take wisdom from the mouths of crazy people.

I have a faint recollection of the event.

Read music, hear fiction.

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Did they understand?


We endeavored in order to do his duty.

Any bed is better than no bed.

Kit doesn't have much longer to live.

It's important to complete your ballot.

She didn't feel well.

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Siegurd thought about what Hirotoshi said.

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I'm so happy you called.

You should make your attitude clear.

I'm not going to buy one of those, at least not yet.

Do you see my rose?

You did not answer my question.


I was about to get in the bath when I heard someone knocking on the door.

Car windows accumulate frost on winter mornings.

You seem to be in pain.