No matter what happens, I won't change my mind.

They were good opponents.

Is there a movie theater near here?

My job is the same as it's always been.

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I'd love to visit Boston.

You don't have to leave me hanging like this. Why don't you just come out and tell it to me straight?

The bigger words he used, the harder it was to find anything inside of them.


They didn't see it.

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I saw her dance once.

Selling cars is my job.

Have you already eaten?

She reformulates what the guest says.

Alberto can't always get what he wants.

Clayton hates running.

Dominick has no savings.

This changes everything.

Our aim is to forestall all those risks.

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I might have a chance.


I didn't know that Spass had a brother.

Piotr's not ready to go.

I wish I could take back all those terrible things I said about you last night.

I don't know either girl.

I can draw a map of Brazil perfectly.

I can't believe I actually said that.

I didn't know Norm was going to do it.


It didn't bother me.

It has to be true.

The cats are afraid of water.


One by one, the members told us about their strange experience.


Devon is old enough to make up his own mind.


Wilmer was my biggest inspiration.

Living in a colony on Titan, Tomas' grandson was a clone of his son, who was a clone of himself, Tomas. They were three generations of clones.

I thought I was going to have a heart attack.

I soon forgot it.

The blade of my knife is very keen.

He tried to talk her out it.

I didn't know what it was at the time.

The law is the same for everyone.

I need my passport for travel.

That's a felony.

Mistreated illegal foreign workers often fall between the cracks of the social system.


This book is popular with students.

Cats can be quite territorial creatures.

They are perfect for short girls!

"Why do people have to pay for good sex at this point in time?" "Because there is no adult entertainment."

This may take more time than we expected.


I should just go on to happier things, okay?

Marty wants me to write a birthday message to Gigi.

Benjamin couldn't get the door unlocked.


Like most astronomers before him, Ptolemy believed the Sun, Moon, and other planets circled the Earth. He thought that each space body moved in a small circle (an epicycle) that was itself orbiting Earth.

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The problem is how to raise the funds.


We're making money.

Let me go tell Kari that you're here.

The red lines on the map represent railways.

Ten minus two is eight.

Why should we bother fixing it?

I had no idea you knew how to play the trombone.

This new car belongs to her.

I wish her a good night.

This week I will be doing a series on personal eschatology.

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My sister's hair reaches to her shoulders.

I found the bed very comfortable.

Tell him I said hello.

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She cooks for him.

Hurry up, Sorrel, I'm freezing.

How's it coming, Jagath?

He always kept an open mind about his future career.

I don't have very many of these.

We have till tomorrow night to decide.

You don't walk to school.

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Did you know that rotten eggs float?

Tell them I'll call back.

Jarvis doesn't spend enough time with his children.


She went in for the audition last week.

I expect you to follow my orders.

Get your paws off of me.


She doesn't like baseball very much.


I have left my car keys behind.

Tickets are $30 per person and may be purchased in advance or at the door.

I want to go back to my cubicle.

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Will you tell him I called?


Give it a break, Steven.

I didn't say Tran was smart.

I owe it to my parents that I was able to finish college.


Yuri Gagarin was born near Moscow, Russia on March 9, 1934.


The gardener turned out to be the murderer.

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The troll army of Russia came knocking at the gate, armed with misinformation and inflammatory statements.


I'll help you as soon as I've done that.

His father won't come, he is very busy.

Go stand over there and wait for me.


The syringe is the instrument most commonly used to administer insulin.

Did anybody see anything?

You're not supposed to do that, you know.

Seth sat in the driver's seat and adjusted the rearview mirror.

He was given three ships by the queen.

In that period, scholars in favor of this school of thought predominated.

Ah-you've gone all red. Riku - that's so cute!! Ha-haha.

My father left me a large inheritance.

What's that flower?

They're pretty good.

We have two sons.

I have to be in Boston by Monday.

Can anyone recommend me a good monolingual German dictionary?

Where's your shirt?

He hasn't called.


Marco definitely does that.

John Rutledge disagreed strongly.

The standard greeting among the members of the Super Secret Silly Stoat Society is 'In the morning, stoats are beautiful', to which the expected response is 'So are they in the moonlight'.

Alastair is the only one who can explain what happened.

How fast he runs!

The term "baby shower" is silly and confusing.

I don't know how many years Celia spent in prison.

Why are you at home?

Both were silent, because there are emotions that can only be expressed by remaining silent.


Aaron is dating two different guys at the same time.

I saw Denis with Molly yesterday.

She's Laurie.

The Lisbon treaty envisions a citizens' initiative.

I need to practice judo more.

Samir wants you to ask him to your party.

You must not invade the privacy of others.


Why is he hiding?

My name is Emily.

Tell them I'm on my way over.


I'm just happy I'm back.

Dewey probably thought I didn't know who he was.

I felt bad about what I did.

Debbie seems contented.

I'll have to work hard.


We know so little about him.


Roberta messed up big time.

I climbed to the top of Mt. Fuji.

The job was difficult, but Jun still wanted to do it.

The prosecution could not prove which of the twins had committed the crime.

I was only given thirty minutes to do that.

Pass me the butter, will you please.

Their ship struck a rock.

I am ashamed of your behavior.

Manjeri can't move as quickly as Norma can.

My girl friend ought to be here by this time.

What is the name of that bird?

Is it true that there are beautiful and ugly languages?

My brother was expert in handwork.

He looks exactly like his older brother.

They are bright red!

This sofa is in no way comfortable to sit in.

She paid him four dollars.

I never drink.

Cathryn has nothing left to sell.


Besides, by contributing, not only will you be helpful to the rest of the world, but you will also get to learn a lot.


I miss those days.


Betsy always wears fashionable clothes.

Ray told me you had stopped by.

The mirror on a compact I got from a friend has cracked.

I'm surprised Randal doesn't have a girlfriend.

I have to get off at the next stop.


He has a crush on the girl next door.

The most beautiful flowers have the sharpest thorns.

John sets the table.

We'll see you later.

Feeling the house shake, I ran out into the backyard.

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Brian intends to strictly limit the money he uses.