You're getting old.


I have an errand to do in town.

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This is a picture of you.

What's your motivation?

Triantaphyllos has been quite unlucky, hasn't he?

Jacques said he wants to go.

Her success at singing made her famous.

It's not like him not to call.

I really spoke too harshly.

Even if I were rich, I wouldn't give money to him.

Izzy seems very calm.


Get your facts right.

The watch is slow.

I don't know him very well.

He rose to the rank of sergeant.

Of course she can speak English.

You can't pull the wool over my eyes.

A man who breaks his promises cannot be trusted.

I saw Janos picking his neighbor's flowers.

I saw Jones and Bud making out.

She gave it to him.

She is not a maniac.

They've been arrested.

You swim a lot better than I do.


What country are you in these days?

I'm so glad that you succeeded.

Don't expect me to help you with your homework.


Jacob asked Carisa not to visit him anymore.


Nou has three brothers in Boston.

I don't want to play with you.

I paid her five dollars.

He is being very kind today.

How did you get here ahead of us?

Freewriting is a good activity if you have writer's block.

Do you really want to keep washing dishes for the rest of your life?

Dressed in a loud and peculiar outfit, she stood out in the crowd.

Localities imposed bans on development.

Do you know Mr Takahashi?

His train arrives at five this evening.

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Teachers must get tired of rectifying the same mistakes over and over again in their students' papers.

What else can Hon do?

Are you a practicing physician?


Drinking lots of water is good for you, sure, but one can't drink that much water at once.


I hope you had a great day!

I feel your disgust on that one.

We had to do it again.


By supplying an efficiently designed economy, everyone can enjoy a very high standard of living with all of the amenities of a high technological society.

I don't like to be spoken to.

I was not aware of his absence from the meeting.

Let's hope that doesn't happen.

I strongly advise you to use this.

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His dream is to study chemistry in the US.

We're all here except for him.

Tears won't do you any good.


I should tell her.


I'd like a round-trip ticket from Boston to New York.

Jacob is snoring.

Carl answered the phone as soon as it rang.


Is there any hope that he will come?

The dreadful fire shall be hot to many.

It is about disarming Iraq and destroying its weapons of mass destruction.

If anybody can help us, it's Tuan.

The capital of the United Kingdom is London.

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Jess helped himself.

I'm just going to sit here for a while and think.

Can I trust Roxie?

Show me what you've got.

Then where did you go?

There aren't any signs that Straka has been here.

All people are equal.

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Major scored 30 points.

Wait till six.

The typhoon struck the Kanto district.

That person asked me who I was, but I did not deem it necessary to answer him.

John was convinced, but not me.


That terrible noise is driving me mad.


Do you know what the sad thing is?

That was not very romantic.

Is there anything for me?

Helen saw Vassos's smile.

Do you have one that is a little smaller?

Mr White said that because of the convention, there were no rooms available.

There's no logical reason for this.


Jesus did what was necessary.

I think: Necessity makes inventive.

That's plenty.

A gaggle of intoxicated youths stopped to ponder whether there is an Opposite Day in Bizarro World.

I held the umbrella over her.

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Pandora became sick from eating bad food.

We don't have much.

You don't have to speak to Narendra if you don't want to.

I think this layout is very good.

"By the way, do you know what a Shinto shrine is?" "I've a little bit of knowledge on the subject. It's a religious facility where that which is the object of worship, that called the genius loci, is enshrined."

I want to tell you about her.

I think Arthur killed himself.

Hurf has a Dreamcast.

I may have left my wallet on the bus.


I haven't used Anki for a week, and now I'm behind by 500 cards.

There is one important fact of which you are unaware.

You're new, huh?


We have vast amounts of unused information.

You so going to pay for this, Elvis!

Mongo certainly is smart.

Doing that won't solve anything.

"Can I use your dictionary?" "Of course. Here you go."


This was easy.


Leila will be pleased to see you.

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There were curtains hanging over the window.


They formed a company to control it.

If you want to still be my friend, you can never do this again.

A family is the smallest unit of society.


Did you just say "Novorussia"?

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Hang your clothes here.


This doesn't sound right.

He doesn't sleep anymore.

I don't know what you think.

The document bore his signature.

It was a mistake to break up with you.

The man answers the description.

I arrived in Tokyo at noon.

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Tharen is getting desperate.

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What if you did do it?


Steve was clearly a little disappointed.


He seems to have lost the thread of the story.


Does he know why Peggy doesn't want to go to Boston with us?


We offered to help them move.

They told me I had to sit in the back of the bus.

I can't be manipulated.


He soon got over the danger.

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Do you know how to use a personal computer?

I am already accustomed to sitting on tatami.

Take us somewhere.

Agatha likes people similar to himself.

Do you drink alcohol?

I fell asleep on his shoulder.

Joanne arrived on time in spite of the storm.

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Kikki said he wanted to be left alone.


She found it difficult to adapt herself to her new entourage.

He said that he gets up at 6 o'clock every day.

Would you send, by real mail, some brochures that will help me to choose a hotel?

The goose honks.

If for some reason she came to Japan, Jane would be very happy.

The garden was full of beautiful yellow flowers.

My list is quite long.

Some were lynched.

That theory is generally accepted.

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After you had left, he came.

Remind me to never ever do that again.

"Luka doesn't like me." "But Jonas likes you." "I don't care about Jonas!"

Shaw is deaf in the left ear.

He wrote down her name in the notebook.

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Rathnakumar has never been away from home before.

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Is something going to happen inside the bank?


Thanks for the visit.

I do like ice cream.

You really are pathetic.