I've been trying to find out what happened to Emily.

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He fouled because he pushed over the other player.

They have lost 10 games in a row since their winning streak ended.

We all have to contribute.


I want to show you something in my office.

I haven't found a way to stop Martin from doing that.

Why didn't Frank go with you?


If this is the best of all possible worlds, what are the others like?

Well then, what are we waiting for?

The flowers in the garden bloom in spring.

He called me a cab.

It's been ages since we saw each other!


It's been saved and printed!


Are they coming as well?

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In order to unveil the international language, each lexical item should be written separately.

I love to watch anime.

I don't think there's anyone who hates Janet.

Is he the owner of this house?

Has Ronald given the go-ahead?

I've never used one of these before.

I was the last one to start in the race, but I soon caught up with the others.

I am shooting with a Russian machine-gun.

Carlos looks like he's half asleep.

The cats are relaxing in the sun.

Stacy knows exactly where it is.

Potato chips are not good for you.

We're in a library.

I wonder what that green spot in the distance is.

That's exactly what I want.

You are so smart!

My grandmother gave me these pendants.

We go to school every day except on Sundays.

I am not used to being spoken to in that rude way.


How in the world did you do it?


It seems that on clear, sunny days they could also use the sun to find their way home.


Don't ask me to choose between you and my job.

She cleaned the room, and ran errands.

This is not a shortcut; this is private property.

We've got something for them.

Chuck is to die by lethal injection tonight.

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Our school library is small, but new.

Norman left a message for you.

Who swings too high, achieves nothing.

Be quiet for a second.

It's my own fault.

I hope the wine is to your taste.

My Thunderbird sorts notification e-mails from Tatoeba into three different folders without my having asked it to do so.


They'll tell you the truth.

Erm, may I stay here?

Shut up, Albert, your theory sucks.


What woke you up?

I'll phone you when I arrive.

Fill the pot with water.

They leave tomorrow.

Stephan never was a very good student.

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Many on-line companies need to have a new approach to business to survive.

I wish it was going to be that easy.

It's a bet.

The topic is taboo here.

The gods forever graciously abide with you!

No, I cannot believe what you say.

That room is too big.

Let me apologize once again for missing our meeting.

Why are all the sentences here about Dirk and Juergen?


The devil lurks behind the cross.

God created the universe in six days. Only humans invented the five-day week.

My brother and I are in the same class.

Blossoms develop from buds.

I told her I'd think about it.

I recognized the name.

So long as men can breathe or eyes can see, so long lives this, and this gives life to thee.


Germany is a free country.

Women throw themselves at Jarmo.

She is a scholar and poet.

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I didn't even realize Nanda had a sister.

Is Ginny happy about this?

Let somebody else hire Leila.

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I put Paul's name forward as a possible candidate.

I'm glad you could join us.

After receiving too many insults, Marcos finally got in a fight.

She was determined to make the marriage work.

Many young Romans went to Greece.

I'm not doing it alone.

Please refrain from smoking in public places.

Elizabeth knew what was going on.


Let's sit somewhere else.

I don't know many people who like to watch schlock films.

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I have a mind to buy a new car.


No, I don't remember. I wasn't born yet.

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I really want you to quit.

Neither of them looks happy.

You shouldn't make any noise when you eat soup.


Cyrus wanted his son to live in Boston.

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I talked to Julian yesterday.

I have absolute trust in you.

We have to buy a new rug for this room.

Norbert is going to hurt himself.

I learned a new trick.

Rayan pulled the emergency brake.

Who left the door open?

Stay a while and listen.

Sofoklis definitely knows that he shouldn't be doing that.

By chance, I met my professor at a restaurant last night.

Shahid is the guy Rudy is dating.

I'd like to reserve a single room.

The bitterest tears shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone.

How many are you? We are three.

It leaves a bad aftertaste.

We'll talk about it.

Juergen and Raja argued all afternoon.


I certainly don't subscribe to the view that women are necessarily more moral than men.


Bobby had to go to the hospital.

Your way of thinking is quite distinct from mine.

I sent her home to Boston.

Sherman should've been fired months ago.

The conversation between the singer and me was long.

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I'm in the air force.


Truth is like the moon, you can only see one side of it.


Can you confirm that?

Can you go to the beach tomorrow?

You shouldn't depend too much on other people to help you.

My brother goes to college in Tokyo.

Clayton is often distracted and not motivated to work in school.

We don't want your parents thinking there's a problem.

I don't want to play this game anymore.

That wouldn't help me.

They won the lottery.

Do you want to buy an umbrella?

Can I dance here?


I think you're bluffing.

How many Christmas carols can you sing by heart?

I thought about all the stories my father had told me.

I'd advise doing that.

They shouted as loudly as they could.


I'm an amoeba.


Pim looks like he's enjoying himself.

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These lodes may prove rich enough to be profitably mined.


There is wet paint on the door.

What's it?

The number of women who becomes mothers is small.


The Americans are our friends.


How many flowers do you buy?

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Due to the heavy rain we were soaked to the skin.

I didn't want to see him again.

The town restored this old historic building.

I used to walk in the cemetery in my youth.

The band is now doing a sound check.


His sister resides in Scotland.

Our teacher is stern to us.

That's a hard question to answer.

We had to do as they said.

We'll pay the difference.


Martyn, stop it, OK?

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You should only count on yourself--but even then, not too much.


These things do happen.


Strawberries are small, red fruit that are normally eaten in Spring.

I'm sure you'll feel better tomorrow.

Light is no less necessary to plants than water.