He's a good man.

That's going to take some time.

The server was down.

Give me back my gloves.

You weren't deceived, were you?


He started talking to the dog.

Torsten shrugged.

A drop of sweat ran down his side.

I just say what Claire tells me to say.

The operation cannot wait.


Let's have a drink or something.

I speak Swedish.

She is said to be very mean.

This practice has long since been done away with.

Today, you must have a photograph in your passport.

The teacher is with the school principal.

Lievaart made a statement.


He is so old that he cannot walk quickly.

Is Vernon really a student here?

You should rest a little bit longer.

Darrell looked left and right.

You should know how to cook a chicken.

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I am encouraging my brother.


I want to submerge myself in the ocean depths, and to disappear there so as to never be seen again.


I'm a U.S. citizen.

I think you should find out where Ping went.

Why is it that, as soon as someone says the word love, lust metamorphoses into passion?

Most disagreements in a marriage result from the wife talking too much and the husband not listening enough.

Is Danny really OK?

I see a world of possibilities.

English is not easy for me.


"I figured it out. I'm not that stupid, you know." "Oh, please. Milner has obviously told you everything."

I've got to go and get them.

That's pure genius.

I don't want to shoot you, but I will if I have to.

In the summer, it's very humid.

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It wasn't you who told me about this.

We exchanged phone numbers at the end of the gathering.

I think I'll go talk to him.

I've never had a friend quite like you.

They are cousins, if I remember rightly.

I seriously doubt that.

Is that them?

The sleeves are gathered at the cuff.

He who desires too much, gets nothing.

I met my friend.

I thought the company had sent Starbuck to Boston.

How much does this bag cost?

Douglas has been very respectful.


Automatic doors can be controlled more intelligently than is now the case. A newly developed control system opens the door only when someone is actually approaching. The door will remain closed if someone is merely standing in front of it or walking past.


Christofer took everything too seriously.

We need to find out what Saify wants.

We have a history, Roderick and I.


It's hard to swat a fly with your bare hand.

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It's under the bed.

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Dan ordered the security guards to close all the exit doors of the facility.

What do you think Heinz would want you to do?

It's all happening a little too fast.

You should be thanking me.

Traveler's checks are so infrequently used that there is hardly a cashier who knows how to process them.


I learned nothing from the teacher.

You should be happy for him.

I intend to go to the barbershop.


Sorrel fell asleep crying.

You might not be able to see Sriram.

She wished me success.

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Do you live in this neighborhood?

Bobbie said you'd ask a lot of questions.

I don't know where to begin.


We're going to need them.

Chris sat down on the couch beside Kory.

Do you have any books about Armenia?


Was my letter sent?

I want you to meet my friend, Louis.

Manolis really helped me out.

Emet doesn't like that woman.

I don't like science.

The river is about half as long again as the Thames.

"Oh Terri, you big, strong man! Come here and kiss me!" "I'm sorry! I'm married!"

Can I get you a beer?

You must have a big family.

You think that Tagalog looks cleaner and neater.

Listen up, everybody!

Did you know Hamilton had a son?

It's better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and prove it.

Wendell found his bedroom unlocked.

To tell you the truth, I'm a little afraid.

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You will be paid a stable base salary plus commissions on sale.

What Lindsay says isn't quite true.

I translate into Esperanto for free.

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Let's go camping.

The plane took off at exactly ten o'clock.

I won't hire anyone without your approval.

Don't dramatize. Everything's fine.

Lindsey is smarter than that.

Large houses are expensive to live in.

She tried to keep abreast of the latest fashions.

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The audience believed it to be part of the act, rather than a short circuit.

I have a picture of you in my wallet.

I encrypt my emails.

The policeman told me that the last bus leaves at ten.

So it seems that cloud of odorless deadly gas had a silver lining after all.

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I had a cup of tea to keep myself awake.

In the old days people valued selflessness. But this generation seems to make a virtue out of selfishness.

Can you be a Christian and support gay marriage at the same time?

We speak the same language, don't we?

King helped Claude get up from her seat.


All Gerard does is sleep.


Thirteen people were wounded.


Why do you spend so much time watching TV?

Are you reliable?

I still haven't paid her.

No doubt about it, I heard it with my own ears.

I feel on top of the world.

It seems that something is wrong with the computer.

Pieter's father is older than mine.

Your ideas are weird.

I cooked supper last night.

They said yes.

Gregory changes her nail color almost every day.


Where's there a supermarket around here?

Because of a traffic jam, we were late for the meeting.

"How much gas do you want?" "Fill 'er up."

Nikolai probably should be fired.

Today's dinner is fish.

I know it's a lot to ask.

Everybody was going about his business.

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People thought that she was dead.


And then they kissed.

Elric gave Darin a kiss on the forehead.

His lighter has done ten years' service.


I couldn't do anything about that.


Kimberly walked into the kitchen to get himself some coffee.

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She was sent to a mental hospital.

Could I borrow your gray suit?

Certainly there are inequalities in level of education even within a generation, but there have been no visible inequities between machines and materials in recent years.

It's impossible for me to explain it to you.

Who's paying for the gas?

The fire was on the first floor.

Roxana is not envious.

I hope Mongo can help you.

Sit down on the bench.

I wrote a book, but it wasn't very good.

They laugh at me, not with me.

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He left for no reason whatsoever.

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Anyone could just walk in.


How is it that otherwise reasonable people come to believe that this same roof, that practically vanishing commodity, is freely obtainable just by packing up and going to another country?

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I look forward to seeing them this spring.

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You're welcome to borrow my car.

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What does your insurance cover?

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I agree with you to a certain extent.

He strained every nerve to see in the darkness.

He shared his soup with me.

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Kristi is a close relative of mine.

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Would you ask him to join us?


Man is a conscious being.

She practises the piano every day.

Craig followed Morton into the room.