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What is a Sound Droid?

A Sound Droid is an advanced audio oriented application designed for use on hand-held mobile devices running the Android OS.

Sound Droid Featured Apps Include:

- Dozens of high-quality, individually customized, sound effects created to get reactions, provide instruction for learning and/or enhance the quality of your daily life.

- All Sound Droids feature exclusive preview and play setups which are designed for ease of interaction and creative useability in all modes of operation.

- These unique apps include professional designed interfaces and are powered by an exclusive high-quality audio performance engine.

Elements of a Sound Droid:

1) Play - starts audio playback of clip currently selected in the Preview List (9)

2) Random - selects a random clip from the app's audio library and begins playing

3) Shuffle - continually plays random clips back-to-back until any button is pressed

4) Looping - starts and continually repeats clip currently selected in the Preview List (9)

5) Prank - uses selected audio clip as an alert. Screen will go black, if device is picked-up, bumped or otherwise physically disturbed audio will begin play for number of times as defined by menu option (see (6))

6) Alarm - will begin playback of currently selected audio when user defined countdown timer reaches zero. Use menu option on your device to set number of times sound will be repeated for alarm and prank modes.

7) About - display help and credits

8) Scroll Up/Down - select an audio clip to use from the sound library

9) Preview List - displays available audio clips in the sound library. Use Scoll Up and Scroll Down (8) to change selected clip.


Learn by Ear the Sounds & Names of North American Birds by using this audio app designed for teaching you to memorize avian animal calls. Study using the play & shuffle modes. Quiz yourself using random playing. True to hearing wildlife library includes eagles robins geese wrens loons & dozens more.

(928) 460-5821(312) 842-7453

Audio Effects in the Bird Song Sound Library Include:

American Robin, Barred Own, Black Capped Chickadee, Blue Jay, Canada Goose, Carolina Wren, Chirpping Sparrow, Buzzard, Loon, Yellowthroat, European Starling, Green Woodpecker, Hermit Thrush, Kit Raptor, Mourning Dove, Northern Cardinal, Northern Flicker, Northern Mockingbird, Horned Owl, Red Eyed Viero, Red tail Hawk, Red Wing Black Bird, Song Sparrow and many more!

-> Direct Download from Android Market
*market enabled device required to download

Bird Song on AppBrain
∙ Bird Song on AndroLib

Be a Television Star with Your Own Mobile Audience! Now you can always have a crowd ready to laugh at your jokes, clap in applause to your actions, boo at your friends in addition to dozens of other audio emotes. App features 6 modes of operation (play shuffle loop random countdown timer & alarm).

Audio Effects in the Captive Audience Sound Library Include:

Amusing Chuckles, Appreciative Applause, Awwwww, Big Applause, Big Boooo, Clap Cheer Cowbell!, Crowd Boo and Jeer, Crowd Says No, Gasp!, Laughing then Clapping, Light Laughter, Light Clapping, Made the Shot, Massive Applause, Missed the Shot, Polite Clapping, Rock Concert Applause, Roudy Clapping, Screams of Fear, Small Group Ahhh, Small Group Cheer, Stadium Cheers and many more!

GET THIS APP -> Direct Download from Android Market
*market enabled device required to download

Captive Audience on AppBrain
∙ Captive Audience on AndroLib



Be Prepared for War wherever you go with your own Mobile Army. Featuring customized audio effects of personal weapon firepower, artillery weaponery from tanks & aircraft, missles explosions & dozens more destructive forces. Uses 6 modes of operation (play shuffle loop random countdown timer alarm).

(877) 810-1382(954) 772-3342Audio Effects in the Military Might Sound Library Include:

12 Gauge Pump Shotgun, 155mm Howltzer, 20 Gauge Single Shot, .357 Magnum, .405 Winchester, .50 Cal Burst, .50 Cal Single Shot, A10 Gatling Gun, A10 Straffing Run, AA12 Automatic Shotgun, Air Raid Siren, AK47 100 Rounds Full Auto, AR15 Single Shot, Big Bomp, Blast and Debris, Cluster Bombs, Desert Eagle .50, Dual M249 Machine Guns, Grenade Explosion, M1A1 Tank Fire and many more!

-> 5304915736
*market enabled device required to download

Military Might on AppBrain
∙ Military Might on AndroLib

WARNING CAT MAY ATTACK PHONE! Cats go Crazy for Cat Confuser, The Audio App Designed for Pranking Pets. Featuring 6 modes of operation (play shuffle loop random countdown timer alarm) with custom sounds designed to be heard by a cat's ears. ie: can opener meows hissing purring fighting birds & dozens more.

Audio Effects in the Cat Confuser Sound Library Include:

Angry Cat, Bad Kitty, Begging, Birds Singing, Cat Fight, Chipmunk Anger, Cicada, Cricket Jar, Dog Barking, Door Bell, Electric Can Opener, Froggy, Heavy Purr, High Pitched Squeak, Hiss and Pop, Hiss-o-matic, Kitten Meow, Lookin for Love, One Complaining Cat, Purr-o-matic, Shaking Bag, Squirrel Warning, Toilet Flushing and many more!

-> Direct Download from Android Market
*market enabled device required to download

Cat Confuser on AppBrain
∙ 9142457740

WARNING DOG MAY EAT PHONE! Dogs Go Crazy for Doggy Distractor, The Audio App Designed for Pranking Your Pets. Featuring 6 play modes (shuffle loop random countdown timer alarm) with custom sounds designed to be heard by a dog's ears. ie: dog whistle barking cats howling growling vacuum toys & dozens more.

(822) 297-4225Audio Effects in the Dog Distractor Sound Library Include:

Cat Scream, Come Here!, Dog Growl, Dog Howl, Door Bell One, Door Bell Two, George the Dog, Husky Talking, Knock on Door, Lie Down, Loud Bark, Mega Thunder, Squeeky Toy One, Squeeky Toy Two, Dog Whistles, Vacuum Cleaner, Barking, Howling and many more!

-> 301-250-5278
*market enabled device required to download

Doggy Distractor on AppBrain
∙ Doggy Distractor on AndroLib

Scare your Friends & Enemies with the Threat of Broken Hardware! This Prank App simulates the effects of a Damaged Hard Drive, Screechy Car Brake, Computer Error Beep, Electrical Short, Audio Feedback & MANY MORE! Just pick the sound, set the loop & hide your phone near the device that's "broken".

Audio Effects in the Mechanical Failure Sound Library Include:

Baatchi Droid, CCITT Dial, Computer Error Beep, Dialtone Autodial, Duplex Warble, Electric Arc, Electric Motor Buzz, Failing Hard Drive, Growing Internal Static, Hardcore Squeal, Harsh Atonal Noise, Internal Short, Low Frequency Rumble, Mini Jack Hum, Modem Handshake, Motor Click, Quick Shock, Shotwave Squeal, Squeaky Brakes and many more!

-> 415-873-2321
*market enabled device required to download

Mechanical Failure on AppBrain
∙ 289-554-6558

Add Some Looney to Your Life with These Wild and Zaney Cartoon Sound Effects. Featuring dozens of easily recognized foley artist audio productions you're sure to find many great accompaniments to physical actions you perform in real life! Includes boings, bonks, bounces & blams plus much much more.

2284376293Audio Effects in the Cartoon SFX Sound Library Include:

Anvil Hit, Arrow Gun, Arrow Poof!, Arrow Thump!, Boing One, Boing Tow, Boink, Bonk One, Bonk Crash, Bounce, Bronk, Cloinks, Cymbals and Bass Drum, Door Crunch, Double Take, Flop, In and Out, Outta Here!, Ricochet, Scramble, Slipp, Techno Boing, Timpani Hit, Top Toe and many more!

-> (289) 384-8433
*market enabled device required to download

Cartoon SFX on AppBrain
∙ Cartoon SFX on AndroLib

Hunter's Helper is the Animal Calling App Designed for Hunters to Easily & Effectively Attract Deer, Turkeys & Ducks. Featuring high quality audio calls for all hunting seasons with different functions & variation for situations. Dozens of proven to perform game calls ready at the touch of a button no experience required.

Audio Effects in the Hunter's Helper Sound Library Include:

For Deer: Aggressive Rattling, Breeding Bellow, Buck Brawl, Buck Grunt, Contact Call, Doe Estrus Bleat, Doe Grunt, Rage Grunt, Sniff, Antler Sparring, Tending Grunt, Wheeze. For Duck: Angry, Chuckle, Comeback, Hail Call, Hen Greeting, Hen, Quacks, Trill, Yammering. For Turkey: Angry Yelp, Cackle, Cluck, Cutting, Gobble, Purr, Question and Tree Call.

GET THIS APP -> (978) 455-9136
*market enabled device required to download

Hunter's Helper on AppBrain
∙ 814-443-8686

Learn Morse Code with educational audio of All Alpha and Numeric Characters. You can study using the play & shuffle modes. Quiz yourself using random playing. Sounds are presented in the modern standard in most common use today when broadcasting.

707-555-6919219-647-8620Audio Effects in the Morse Code Sound Library Include:

Letters: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

Numbers: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

-> Direct Download from Android Market
*market enabled device required to download

Morse Code on AppBrain
∙ Morse Code on AndroLib

The MOST ANNOYING Sounds EVER are Now Available to You On-Demand! Annoy your family, friends, co-workers & enemies with these ultra annoying sounds. Includes such favorites as Crying Babies, Chewing on Metal, Fingernails on Chalkboard, Dentist Drill, Small Yapping Dog, Open Mouth Chewing & Dozens More!

madreporic plate5419322839Audio Effects in the Most Annoying Sound Library Include:

Alarm Clock Ringing, Baby Crying, Buzzer, Car Alarms, Car Horn, Engine Revving, Child High Pitch Screaming, Circular Saw Crosscutting, Clearing Throat, Dentist Drill, Electronic Alarm Clock, Fingernails on Chalkboard, Forklift Beeping, Frequency Sweep, Generator, House Alarm, Microphone Feedback, Phone of the Hook, Small Dog Yapping and many more!

-> Direct Download from Android Market
*market enabled device required to download

Most Annoying on AppBrain ∙ 802-560-4995

Sonic Multi-Tool is Your Audio Toolbox for Mastering Sound. Featuring dozens of useful sound utilities including Ultra Sonic Dog Whistles, Mosquito Repellents, all 9 Solfeggio Frequencies for healing meditation, White Pink & Brown Noise Samples, Sound Range Tests, Musical Instrument Tuning from A3 to E5 & Much Much More!

mehmandarAudio Effects in the Sonic Multi-Tool Sound Library Include:

Sonic Hand Grenade, Natural White Noise, Artificial White Noise, Brown Noise, Pink Noise, Dog Whistle (at 20 kHz), Frequency Sweeps from 0 - 150 Hz, 10 - 30,000 Hz, 20 - 200 Hz & 20 - 20,000 Hz. Flat Tones of 12 Khz, 16 Khz, 20 Khz & 24 Khz. Tuning Tones (including sharps) from 3rd Octave A (220 Hz) to 5th Octave E (659 Hz) and more!

-> Direct Download from Android Market
*market enabled device required to download

Sonic Multi-Tool on AppBrain
∙ Sonic Multi-Tool on AndroLib

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