What's all that racket?

Son spends every weekend in Boston.

No, I am not married.

Nobody can see this movie without being moved.

George said you were coming.

He seized me by the wrist.

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She is an efficient and reliable assistant.

You won't have a choice.

Mind if I join you?

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I'm not looking forward to today's meeting.

Betty murdered him.

I heard my phone ring.

He declared himself leader publicly.

Don't worry. I'll talk to Soohong.

People see things differently according as they are rich or poor.

My parents don't approve of my career choice.

I dreamt of you last night.

Man invented the atomic bomb, but no mouse would ever have thought to build a mousetrap!


I want to see her.


This watch is waterproof.

Edison invented a device for duplication.

The best thing about that place is the barbecue area where they supply you with everything you need.

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Charge it, please.

Sleep well. I hope you dream about angels.

It was obvious that she wanted to kiss me.


Isn't this simply beautiful?

Is tomorrow Saturday?

We wound up at the cinema.


I'm no longer homeless.

Dan discovered a hole in the wall under his bed in the cell.

Ravi is direct.

Dan was arrested at church.

Kees was happy tonight.

Miki is in stable condition.

Do you want to keep playing?

I don't need her.

Why was this a secret?

I don't believe that either.

You see the girl at the back? I'd watch out for her.

He wanted female companionship.

I have an inclination for poetry.

The food is always arranged so artistically.

That's the feeling I have.


I think it won't happen again.

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I could feel the sweat trickling down my back.

Why are you so morose?

Migrating birds are flying south.

Let him finish.

Herbert has good instincts.

Lloyd and Mick arrived at 2:30.

I have to agree with her.

Jobs are hard to come by these days.

One thing you definitely don't want to do is to go out alone after dark.

My wife is Chinese.

I can't drive myself home.


A leopard never changes its spots.

I haven't heard from him.

Have there been any updates on this issue?

I'm ecstatic about it.

Everybody looked disappointed.

New York is the biggest city in the world.

Stress can be a real vicious cycle. The greater the amount of stress, the harder it is to make smart logical decisions for yourself which only leads to more stress.

I don't have any cash.

Mikey is coming here this afternoon, isn't he?

He's young, maybe too young.

I used to eat out several times a week.


I always thought that a heart attack was nature's way of telling you you're going to die.

Duane jumped overboard.

I will give you a laptop.

The Belo Monte dam in Brazil is a controversial project because of its impact on the environment and native people.

I'm looking for the perfect spot to hang this picture.


The priest blessed the newly built church.


Guess what I found on the beach.

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What do you wish to talk about?

Do you want to touch it?

Her hair became gray with the years.

I am truly happy for you.

What does one call this?

He argued for our forming the alliance with that nation.

That terminology is not at all suitable for the description of that kind of language.

You will get used to it.

It's the last time I ask Elliott a question.

Raindrops are hitting the glass.

I'm ugly.


Elaine went to Boston to attend a conference.

It's a good movie.

I am deeply saddened to know that your father has died.

There's something I want to try.

This is the most interesting.

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Did Nadeem leave a message?

If so, then there's no problem at all, is there?

That looked like fun.

John was too surprised to say anything.

This isn't what was written on the menu.

We are, her and I, in the same class.

Dawn chose his words carefully.


Our policies and systems are getting outdated and need revising, but to try to swap horses while crossing a stream might be dangerous.


The causes of migraine are still not known.

We're almost out of sugar.

Are you still mad at them?

I switched one on.

I'm very worried about you.

She calls me Kenji.

I could never hurt him.

I think Eileen is hard-working.

He starts for Nara tomorrow.


Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

Today the weather is nice.

I have a lot of friends I can discuss things with.

Rusty and Stephanie are still married.

The party was a complete disaster.


I gave him all the money I had.

Do you see this?

Soon, their hunger turned to anger.

A bunch of people told me not to eat there.

Looking at your Facebook friends' photos is a waste of time.

It's very gratifying.

You need some knowledge of basic science.

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I didn't want to spend any more time alone.

I'm not going to quit the club because I am busy.

If you need someone to talk to, call me.


The short answer is yes.

We're sleepy.

Clem would love this.

What colour is this cat?

You guys have to leave now.


Could you get me a glass of water?


Try to make the most of every opportunity.

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This is a very interesting investment opportunity.

The affair will come to a happy conclusion.

I began to realize that Richard wasn't as happy as he used to be.

A lot of people live in Tokyo.

Don't forget to water the flowers in the garden twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening.

Sri didn't see what I saw.

He has no respect for anyone.


All right. How many?

Only fifty people came.

I do not know what to do to get through this month.

I landed here to study ways to clean up your business.

Teruyuki had a tiff with her boyfriend.


Everything is normal.

Mr Brown is a wool merchant.

I prefer to spend time with friends.


Something's happened to her.

This is also my first time.

Lyndon never talks about money.

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Cristi didn't have anything to say on that subject.

I phone him every day.

Bumblebees are furry.


I'm sorry. I got the wrong number.

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We're lucky to still be alive.


I can bear this broken heart no longer.

Now talking about sex is no blushing affair.

Tai can't make up his mind choosing between a Toyota or a Ford car.

I'll be busy all day tomorrow.

I'm inclined to agree with Sangho.

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We know what we want.


I think Terri is lazy.

Hands up! This is a robbery.

German classes are held twice a week - on Mondays and Wednesdays.

I'm so happy, I feel like I could fly.

I write daily in my diary.

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Why would you want Oprah when you can have Halle Berry?


By the way, I saw Izumi last night.