It's not a new problem.

If he could lie about that, he is likely to lie about anything.

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This had better be good.

I find her appearance attractive.

Holly isn't interested in art at all.

I wouldn't count anything out.

Could you talk to her?


May this letter find you well and happy!


Ian cooked dinner for us.

It's like fighting windmills.

He stepped into dog doo.

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Cristina is flirting with Jin.

I'm letting you study.

The tayberry is a cultivated cross between a blackberry and a raspberry.

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Their plane will soon take off.

There's nothing to this.

He did not stop his car at the red light.

Gunnar married Casey's sister and Lorenzo married Rajeev's brother.

Hank was tried for murder.


How did you stop it?

Is there a cat on the table?

The grandmother gives candies to her grandchildren.

He looked for them for five hours.

Teenagers are often embarrassed to be seen in public with their parents.


With the subjunctive past all the 'be' verbs become 'were', OK?

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Do you still talk to Laurence?


Anybody want a lift?

As usual, I was going to school at eight o' clock.

Secrets are a sad thing to have.

There's blood on this knife.

That customer over there has been here since we opened.

Why are you helping Maurice?

I think I'd better help them.

I'm taking Urs for a walk.

Kieran lowered his gun.

Salt is used to thaw ice.

I think what Dieter is doing is great.


You think I'm an idiot?

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I have something here that I want to show you.

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In my opinion, staying up late is bad for one's health.

The introduction of mandatory morning sports for teachers is a very sensible idea. Ultimately something must be done to reduce the loss of lessons due to illness.

Uh-oh! Dark storm clouds gather over the lake.

I can't believe I just shot myself.

Arnold knew there wasn't much he could do about it.

Your wife isn't crazy.

What did he think of, when saying that?

That was over three months ago.

Carl doesn't need to go to Boston until next week.

I have to make another call.

You are not the first to make this mistake.

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Let's talk about it over dinner.

Let me see if Herman is ready.

All but three of the cars in the parking lot were white.


He is an industrious man.


I don't know how else to put it.


Why don't you just buy a new one?

Trent asked me if I wasn't feeling well.

After receiving a hefty blow to the head, the man spoke only gibberish.

How horrible, fantastic, incredible it is that we should be digging trenches and trying on gas-masks here because of a quarrel in a far away country between people of whom we know nothing.

Rescuing Cristopher will be extremely difficult.

Duane's family has been notified.

My dog really likes oranges.

You and I don't think alike.

He has a disappointed look on his face because he knows that his grade went down.

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Give me a call tonight.

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The dollar's exchange rate has dropped dramatically.


If it's possible, why not?

He was appointed to a responsible post.

Who's going to stay at home to receive the guests?


Jayant is obsessed with animals, and especially squirrels.


She has children.

Bob expressed words of thanks on behalf of his classmates.

I was thinking of renting something in town.

I was asked to umpire the game.

A glass of orange juice refreshed me.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart .

Randolph was just about to go out when his cellphone rang.

He really makes me angry.

Luc is rich enough to buy anything he wants.

It's something I've always liked.

I can't prove it, you'll have to take my word for it.

It seemed like the right thing to do.

If anyone has a problem, tell them to call me.

That rude man gave me a bad impression.

Dannie did nothing but watch TV all day.

Tanaka is a well-adjusted, happy child who relates well to her peers.

He is in his element when talking economics.

What happened? The car's slowing down.

Francis said that Peter went mad.

Taro Ito was found guilty.


Michael has a daughter about your age.

Sjaak is acting strange.

We live only from day to day.

How many apples are there?

I really like riding.

The capital city of Serbia is Belgrade.

I live at 333 Park Street.

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I hope I didn't make a fool of myself.

This food is both nutritious and delicious.

Smoke was coming out of Dan's room.

You don't understand how worried I was about you.

The Internet has a lot of information and thus also a lot of useless information.

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Hamilton has lunch at home.

The first minutes after a heart attack are very important.

Am I supposed to be impressed by that?

Tuan wondered why Skeeter was so angry.

Don likes talking about the weather.

Don't you see what's happened?

It's not too much to ask you to come to class on time.

Do that at your own risk.

I bought a loaf of bread for breakfast.

Bruno has no one to play with today.

We've already done everything we can do.

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He made the coffee too strong.

You have to ask her first.

We're not fit.

I'll text Laurianne and see if he wants to go with us.

Naomi seems to be unwilling to tackle the problem.


I'd like to find out how this got broken.

I'm finally able to understand what's interesting about professional shogi.

"I am a broccoli and I look like a tree!" "I am a walnut and I look like a brain!" "I am mushroom and I hate this game!"

Those cowards ran away soon.

Edgar seems busy.

She was the fairest in the whole land.

Destroying things is much easier than making them.

I'll wait.

She is a student at the university.


Now I want to speak Esperanto.


The doctor sees all the weakness of mankind; the lawyer all the wickedness, the theologian all the stupidity.

You gave me back the paradise I thought I'd lost.

What time is it by your clock?

May I have a word with you?

Kathy took a long drink of water.


She was a pioneer in this field.

You must be joking!

I will make you pay for this.

This is a very bad neighborhood.

I'm reserved.


By the way, I am eating a bean stew right now.

At the meeting he said a lot, but his argument did not hold water.

The square buzzed with excitement.

Laurianne doesn't want to learn French.

These are the ones Tharen told me about.

That's right!

I'm my own boss.

Dennis scolded his son for being lazy.

Due to its age, the cow will no longer give milk.

I just don't love him.

You never told me why you dropped out of high school.

A revolution broke out in that country.

Where can I park this truck?


So why don't you tell him that?

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If Bob had listened to and followed my advice, everything would have gone better.

What if you did do it?

Kathleen was interested in Liyuan.

I've seen them, at least, and they are safe.

I'm doing just fine.


She's an airhead.

Gregge has got quite a temper.

How many countries are in Africa?

If you just put a little bit of cumin on the kebab, it'll be really delicious.

Who wants me dead?

They must be worried.

The gardener had tulips of various kinds.

The calzone is a pizza-like turnover, filled with tomatoes and cheese, whose name comes from an Italian word for "pants."

I tried to solve the problem, but I couldn't.