The rooms in this hotel are not as clean as the rooms in that hotel.

I can neither confirm nor deny this.

Facebook eats up a lot of my time.

Clare would've called Rik if he'd had her phone number.

There's a little problem with the car.

She might be able to help us.

How far away is the Eiffel Tower?

It will probably snow tomorrow.


If it should rain tomorrow afternoon, we will meet in the gym.

I could tell by the look on Vick's face that he didn't like the idea.

This really helped.

Who shall ever unravel the mysteries of the sea?

I'm not very good at keeping secrets.

Carol is driving a rent-a-car.

Ravindran promised not to tell Izchak.

Hour after hour in hope he bore,nor might his soul its faith give o'er; nor could the tyrant's scorn deriding, steal from that faith one thought confiding!

"Can I come with you?" "Sure!"

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He is apt to be late for the appointed time.


Joni was scared Lila would shoot him with her father's rifle.

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My computer is grey.

Metin had business in the city.

I was just looking out the window.

She had time to lose herself in her favorite amusement.

We have known each other since childhood.

The strange feeling came back.

The stars blinked in the silent night.

I saw that report.

I didn't know Juergen was here.

Get on the bus one by one.

Why did you tell me first?


I will never have a daughter.

I don't know of anyone who can help us.

George encouraged Ellie to study hard again.

He was way behind on his rent. As a result, he was evicted from his apartment.

If you don't start behaving I'll have to ground you.

Don't get angry with them.

Stop looking out the window.

He ruined his clothes.

The table is in the living room.

Where is there a restaurant?

There's an American girl who wants to see you.

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The doctor gave him four stitches.

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She thinks that she's always right.

Home-made cookies are the best.

Lester coaches varsity baseball.

Can you make out why John left so suddenly?

He's a close friend of mine.

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You do like her, don't you?


Ralf was in the kitchen drinking alone.

I think you're pretty hard on yourself.

Ricky used to laugh at Timothy.


That guy is a real weather vane: he constantly changes his mind.

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Tahsin finished the race.


Because of the icy streets, we could not drive the car.

Eileen always wanted to become a pilot. When she was a child, her parents often took her to the airport to see the planes.

What was your first impression of me?

He committed a gaffe when he asked whether she was pregnant.

He is a proud one, you see.


It's a great little car.

My friend called me a coward.

The three women smiled.

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As she looked around to see what she had done she began to cry.

Edgar was very, very busy.

Owen told me about everything you've been through.

It's happened three times so far.

Can I have a paper bag?

Why does everybody say that?

I hope they can reach a peaceful compromise.

I wish you'd told me that a bit earlier.

Marian is quite outgoing.


Someone's dog disappeared.

Please go around to the side of the house.

When will you be coming back?

I don't know how to play cards well, and I don't solve crossword puzzles often.

Everyone knows.

Do you want to have more children?

She wanted to die because she couldn't satisfy her parents.

That's because they don't care.

Yesterday, there was a terrible accident on the highway.

Did you manage to get any sleep?

What would you do if you met a lion here?

Axel received an award for her composition called "Secret love".

Don't mention it to him.

To the chagrin of young job seekers the world over, McDonald's now requires a bachelor's in philosophy for its cashiers.

Metin likes to do things his own way.

The soldiers had artillery.

"Chill down, fatty." "Don't call me an idiot!"

I should give him a chance.

I want you to know the truth.

Just stay here.

Did you find out what you wanted to know?

I want to keep that.

Eva doesn't seem much happier.

We made a check of the student' records.

Jurevis knows me very well.


Tell your mother about the trip.

What was the name of that movie?

We keep the doors locked now.

Cecilia has short hair.

Thanks for the letter and the wonderful photos of your hometown.


Biodynamic farmers plant according to the moon phases.

Tracey is an interesting guy.

All's grist that comes to his mill.

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Let me buy you a drink, too.

Compared with the Chinese, the Japanese are poor linguists.

These people should be sterilised.

It's not that I want to have a girlfriend, I just want to be in love.

I thought you loved chocolate.


Horses used to pull road-rollers, but the steamroller arrived with the invention of the steam engine.

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I'm pretty sure Donnie's Canadian.

They are sitting in the kitchen and drinking tea.

She's an art student.

Are you still working with him?

The girl playing the piano is my daughter.

I asked Dale what had happened, but he wouldn't tell me.

At least 31 people were killed when Mt. Ontake erupted.

We must not allow these problems to affect the project.

This came for you.


She is remarkably attractive.

The weather remained rainy.

They are fairy tales for children.

I think Lenora is foolish.

I wonder if you would mind lending me your car for a couple of days.


We are faced with a difficult choice.

I haven't been married long.

No one will hold us back.


I want each of you to take out a piece of paper and write down what happened.

I'll think of some other solution.

I cannot express how happy I was at the news.


The question whether I should quit college or not bothered me.

It seemed clear the Senate would reject the treaty.

My watch is five minutes fast.

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She had nothing else to do.

It was a shock to hear about Reiner's divorce.

It's great to have you back.


Brandi is energetic, isn't he?


What would you say if I told you I was quitting?

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I noticed that I had lost my glasses.

They're not expensive.

We are too weak to obediently follow our reason.

Trevor is now dressed in casual clothes.

He paid the debt through instalments.

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This should work.

In order to grow well, these plants need soil that does not contain too much moisture.

All things considered, we can not say that it is wrong.

I'm sure about that.

Every man would like to be God, if it were possible; some few find it difficult to admit the impossibility.

Tollefsen likes swimming, too.

The duty of a daughter is in obedience.


Don't ask Gretchen for any favors.

She's a blog addict.

Clay sat in a chair next to Hy's bed, watching her sleep.

Gill is brave.

We don't have enough money to go to Boston by airplane.

It was the sort of weird car that made me want to blurt out, "what the heck is that?"

Queens is my favorite borough.

I convinced Nils not to sue you.

A thief believes everybody steals.

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Are you coming to the concert with me?

He's every reason to be proud of his son.

I was following a hunch.

If I fail to find a new job in Boston within 6 months, I will return to Chicago.

I had too much to drink.

Please come before 2:30.

Music feeds our imagination.


We will never know how he's feeling.

She didn't recognize me.

I won't tell Larry if you won't.